The Highlights of my life

Everyone had bad and best moments. The highlights are different for each people. Many of them are stupid, but not for you, if it’s the best memories. For me, it is when I finished the elementary school and when I discovered a new passion for music.

At my first elementary school I had many friends and it was correct. When I changed school with no friends, it was hard. At this school, I had two true friends and horrible lesson of dance to do. When I finished and went to high school, my heart are sang. I have many friends and a computer! This is the things you can’t have at elementary school with the rules and back luck.

Recently, I found a real passion for music. I will start soon guitar lessons. When I bought it, I think I had stars in my eyes. But if I don’t love to play guitar, (I ‘on’t think this is going to happen), I will try the piano or another instrument.

So I don’t really remember the best moment of my life, but more liberty at school, with friends, help me to survive. My new passion of guitar is certainly to forget the past, the present and the futur. And I want to create the best highlights of my life.



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